7-Step Mix Guide

This 30 pages guide helps you developing your own mixing system in 7 easy steps

  • Preparing / Organizing Sessions
  • Static Mix / Rough Mix
  • Fixing Problems
  • Top-Down-Mixing
  • Enhancing / Effects
  • Automation
  • Checking / Referencing

Do you have trouble finishing songs or do you feel lost in your production?

Developing a system to mix a song from start to finish is like a roadmap that tells you exactly what you have to do and when you have to do it. In my opinion it’s absolutely important having such a system to really achieve radio quality mixes. Otherwise you’d jump back and forth way too much and it takes so much more time to get an acceptable result.

With a system like this you know where you have to start, what comes next and how to finish your production. It’s easy as A > B > C > D… instead of B > A > D > B > D > C…

I think you get it 😉

So it’s actually a no-brainer to download this extensive guide as long as it’s for free

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