Online Mixing & Mastering Studio for country, rock & punk productions!

… more than just another studio – it’s a statement!

I’m Toby, passionate audio engineer and I’m here to mix & master your music!

Unhappy with your mix / rehearsal room recordings?

Tired of standard procedure & empty promises?

You feel like your song does not get what it deserves?

What you can expect from Simple Life Studio

  • Balancing levels & frequencies
  • Optimizing dynamics
  • Adding depth & creative effects
  • Enhancing emotions
  • Unique signature sounds

Always focused on what really matters, while keeping things as simple as possible!

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Online Mixing & Mastering Studio

A couple samples from my recent work

Get that huge, unique and individual signature sound for your songs that sets you apart!

Works from anywhere in the world by sending your recordings over via WeTransfer.

Mixing / Mastering Prices

I’m not a fan of fixed rates because every song and every artist is different. You’ll get an individual offer for your project every time. The table below is just to give you an idea what price ranges we are talking about!

Quick MixStandard MixPremium Mix
Most Booked
DescriptionQuick superficial mix w/o extras or special treatment.More in depth mix with creative effects.Unique and individual in depth mix with signature sound treatment.
Editing includedNoYesYes
Tracks / Stems~ 1 – 15~ 1 – 30~ 1 – 60
Analog GearNoMix Bus OnlyYes
Turnaround~ 3 Days~ 5 Days~ 6 Days
Mastering includedNoNoYes
satisfaction guarantee
satisfaction guarantee
Price250 – 350 $450 – 650 $individual
Payment100 % upfront50 % upfront
50 % on delivery
*Price range for a single*
DescriptionIndividual mastering for streaming platforms, CD, Vinyl etc.
Stem MasteringNo
Turnaround ~2 Days
Revisionsunlimited – satisfaction guarantee
Price75 – 90 $
Payment 100 % upfront
*Price range for a single*

Reach out now to plan your song – get your individual offer!

Reach Out Now!

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Satisfaction Guarantee: unlimited revisions until you`re really happy!

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