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Don’t waste your useful time searching for unverified information that hopefully helps you fix your problem. Don’t spend hours of watching video tutorials that actually does not fit your specific situation at all, just ask a pro!

Just ask a pro!

Let me be your studio partner: just send me your question through the form below and I will come back with a dedicated and unique solution for your problem.

All you need to do is to upload an audio example through WeTransfer to showcase your problem and fill out the form below.

After that you’ll get a preview of my solution. If you feel like my solution could help you, you just need to pay a really small amount to get the complete solution.

no subscription needed ~ one time payment ~ individual solution
sending your question is completely free / solution idea & preview is also free
you just need to pay for the complete solution if you think you’ll go with it!


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How does it work?

It’s easy as that: simply ask your question through the form above. After that you’ll get a preview of the solution I have for your specific problem. To get the complete solution: you need to pay a small amount through PayPal.

How much do I need to pay?

This is depending on the amount of work I have to put in to find and create a solution for your problem. It’s usually somewhere between a single coffee and a lunch ( 2 – 50 $ ).

How does a solution look like?

That also depends on the specific problem. It can be kind of a “How to… – Video”, or a written down step by step guide or even specific plugin presets for example.

How long does it take until I get my solution?

I’ll do my very best to deliver your solution as fast as I can. It usually takes 1-3 business days.

Do you answer all questions?

I try! But unfortunately I can’t promise to answer all question because it sometimes takes a lot of time and even when I charge a small amount for the complete solution I can’t go through all questions.

Why do you think you can help me with my mix?

Good questions, well I started producing music in a homerecording setup in the 90’s. So I have spend really a lot of time mixing music and finally decided going to audio school to develop a fundamental understanding of why thinks work. Believe me when I say I’v been through a lot of mixing problems and always found creative solutions.

Do you still want to try it alone first?

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