Free Mixing | Mastering Application

Grab your chance to get a complete mix / master FOR FREE!

I’ll mix / master three songs per month completely for free to help independent artists.

The free mix / master will be treated like payed inquiries and is handled to the same quality standards.

Just upload your multi tracks through WeTransfer and fill out the form below.
(scroll down for more instructions, if necessary)

Free Mixing | Mastering Application

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Song Information

Anything else you want to tell me about your song or some reference ideas?
What you want me to do:
Do you want me to edit (pitch / timing) tracks like Vocals if necessary?
Mix Format
What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is an online service for sending large files over the internet. You won’t need an account, this is handled at my end and it will cost you nothing. Just follow the button link, upload your files and copy the WeTransfer Link to you clipboard to insert it in the application form.

Stereo / Atmos?

Atmos seems to be the next big thing. It’s an object based 3D audio format that currently works best on headphones or dedicated atmos listening setups. The atmos mix will be experimental and some distributors do not accept atmos files for your release yet.

YouTube consent?

If you activate this checkbox, your song might be used in YouTube mixing tutorials. Of course you’ll be linked as the artist what might bring you some additional benefits.