DIY artists: What’s your biggest hurdle right now?

Making a living as a successful independent artist ain’t that easy these days. You have to release new music on a regular basis and therefore you can’t brake the bank on every new release – this can be really frustrating. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome and it’s not just about time and money.

The more you spend on a new release, the more streams you need to break even. This is why I’m trying to figure out ways to support independent DIY artists like you a little better. And therefore I want to have a personal 1:1 conversation with you on Instagram DM’s or email.

If you’re willing to let me know more about your biggest hurdles and struggles in the music production process answer the few questions below so I can reach out to you for a little conversation:

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Are you recording yourself yet?
Are you mixing yourself yet?
Are you mastering yourself yet?
Please don’t just write ‘money’ or ‘work’! Give me some more details