SLS Signature Sound Cheat Sheet

Have you ever been there?!

You’ve spend tons of hours tweaking your mix and got everything technically perfect, but you feel like your mix still sucks?

Well, Ive been there too, so I started to figure out why this is. You might be surprised but the solution is quite simple:

Your mix does not have to be technically perfekt. It just needs that special something.

It’s actually exactly these things that are not perfect, that makes a mix interesting. Sometimes even the things, that are not audible at all can make a mix interesting.

The only problem is to find out which imperfections and edges or what amount of dirt fit the song best to make it really interesting.

This is why I made this SIGNATURE SOUND CHEAT SHEET!

This cheat sheet contains a lot of ideas on how to create your own personal signature sound that makes your mix really interesting.

It gives you a lot of ideas about how to tweak your mix not to make it technically perfect but to make it stand out of the crowd.

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More about the person who created this stuff:

Toby Schuetgens, passionate audio engineer at Simple Life Studio

Hey, Y’all
I’m Toby Schuetgens, passionate audio engineer, producer and independent artist myself. Actually I’m a musician as long as I can think and I made my first recordings during the 90’s as a teenager in the homestudio of my guitar teacher. At first on a 8-track tape recorder and later on with a DAW.
A couple years ago, I turned this passion into a business, became a professional audio engineer and opened my own studio: Simple Life Studio
These checklists and cheat sheets helped me a lot to turn my recording and mixing sessions from a hobby approach into something professional.
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Toby Schuetgens, Simple Life Studio

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