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Develop your own mixing system that helps you to create outstanding radio worthy music in your home studio

Within Simple Life Audio School you’ll learn mixing and mastering techniques that are kept quite easy and really focused on the things that matter most. You’ll also get a deep understanding on “why” doing specific things.

There are lots and lots of free tutorials in the world wide web on how to dial in specific settings. So the technical part is not that difficult to learn. More important is to get a feeling for

  • when doing specific things
  • why doing specific things

For example: you can find tons of tutorials about how to get your snare sound really punchy. That’s not that difficult. But the question is, how punchy needs the snare to be in my specific mix?

This is where Simple Life Audio School comes in to play

When I started mixing my own songs I had trouble to get them sound radio worthy. So I started to find educational tutorials that could help me dialing in compressors, EQ’s, saturation and such. And I really spend a lot of time watching videos, learning by doing and so on. I didn’t need a long time to get really nerdy on technical details. But actually that did not help me very much. My mixes sounded big and fat but still not that good as I thought they could. So I decided going to an audio school to get a fundamental knowledge on producing, mixing and mastering.

Now the questions weren’t how to make my drums really punchy, it was more about how to get them sound right for this specific song.

And here we are today

With this journey of figuring things out on my own, next to all that technical videos, i wanted to develop a way for you to help you make quick progress without all that searching and trial and error stuff. Sure there are some technicalities we need to go through but the main focus in my Simple Life Audio School is on learning “why” and “when” doing specific things. So of course you’ll learn how to get your snare sound really punchy, but you’ll also learn where your snare needs to sound punchy and where a punchy snare might be too much for instance.