Studio Szene @ LEaTCon 2023 in Hamburg

This year, for the first time, LEaT con will take place at the same time as the Studioszene and the Human X Work Conference. Benefit as visitor from the program of #leatcon23 and also visit interesting panels and brands all around the topics of Studioszene and Human x Work Conference.

Studio Szene 2023

Studio Szene 2023 is that community event for audio engineers & producers.

On site, professionals from the industry will show you how to improve your recording, mixing & mastering and producing sills in over 40 master classes, discussion groups and workshops. In addition, over 50 top audio brands present their gear for you to try out. |

I’ve been at Studio Szene 2023 in Hamburg this week and all I can say is: It was an awesome event! Lots of outstanding speakers sharing their knowledge in some kind of a familiar environment. It was an absolute pleasure to watch pros at work and sharing some of their experience.

Hans-Martin Buff about producing in 3D & Atmos

The first master-class I have joined was about producing in 3D audio like dolby atmos. Hans-Martin Buff, who is working with Artists like Peter Gabriel, Prince …, explained his journey through the 3D audio world and showed some of his advanced techniques he uses to make 3D audio translate to different systems.

Hans-Martin Buff is a renowned engineer and producer who is known for his work on various albums and projects with Prince and the Scorpions, among others. He works with artists like Peter Gabriel and champions Dolby Atmos and 3D audio for headphones to provide an immersive listening experience. For this masterclass he brings a mix in Dolby Atmos, guides you step by step through the mix and answers your questions!

Hans-Martin Buff

Warren Huart & Jaycen Joshua about the future of AI in music production

The next point on my schedule was the discussion of Warren Huart & Jaycen Joshua about the future of AI in music production. It was very refreshened to hear their thoughts about that huge mystical thing called artificial intelligence and it’s indent into the audio world. That was a great talk about the pros and cons. There are lots of places where AI could carry the heavy lifting at audio engineering what gives us engineers more time and space to do the creative stuff. On the other hand there are a lot of issues that are not discovered yet. Whats about copyrights for instance?!

Jaycen Joshua

Jaycen Joshua is arguably one of the hottest mixing engineers in hip-hop and R’n’B today! He is known for his work on numerous hits by artists such as Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Jay-Z. He has participated in numerous songs that have won the Grammy Award, such as the song Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys from 2011 in the category “Best Rap Song”.

Jaycen Joshua at Studio Szene

Warren Huart

“Hey everybody, hope you are doing marvelously well!” Anyone who has seen a video by Warren Huart on his Produce Like A Pro channel knows this greeting. What many may not know is that the audio engineer and producer has worked with many well-known musicians such as Aerosmith, The Fray and James Blunt. He not only shows his expertise in music production and mixing on his YouTube channel, but also at the Studioszene in Hamburg this year!

Warren Huart at Studio Szene

Warren Huart about how to improve your mixing skills

Next stop on my list was a master-class with Warren Huart about how to improve your mixing skills. He gave us great insights into his way of working through tiny details which add up to an amazing mix. Warren was focused on the “why” of doing things more than on the “how”. There are lots of tutorials about how to dial in a specific snare sound, compression settings or how to EQ an acoustic guitar. So it’s not that difficult to figure out the technical part. But the when and why and how far to push it in each situation is a thing I’ve my troubles with as well. It was very helpful to learn more about Warren point of view in these situations.


Produce like a pro” at the booth of dangerous music

Amazing gear from audio scape

The proof that I’ve been there 😜


Warren Huart

Jaycen Joshua

Hans-Martin Buff


Dangerous Music

Audio Scape

Studio Szene 23

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