Bridging the Twang and Rebellion:

In the small town where Toby Schuetgens was born, two seemingly contrasting worlds collided in his heart: the raw energy of punk rock and the heartfelt storytelling of country music. As he embraced his passion for both genres, Toby embarked on a remarkable journey—fusing the power of rebellion with the soulful twang of heartfelt tales. But little did he know that this convergence would lead him to a crossroads, where he would become an audio engineer poised to capture the essence of these extraordinary musical realms. The story of Toby Schuetgens, the man who dared to blend country and punk, awaits, and with it, the revelation of how his unique talent will forever transform the music industry.

Recording Acoustic Guitar

It’s a statement: Simple Life Studio

In the heart of a serene horse ranch lies Simple Life Studio, an online mixing and mastering haven led by the virtuoso audio engineer, Toby Schuetgens. Artists from all corners of the globe entrust their music to Toby’s care, embracing the studio’s promise of authenticity and genuine emotions. With a personalized approach, Toby unravels the very soul of each composition, turning melodies into stories and emotions into harmonies. Simple Life Studio preserves the raw beauty of music, embracing life’s imperfections and celebrating genuine artistry. The result is music that resonates deeply with listeners worldwide, a profound testament to the human spirit and the soul of true music-making.