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In the vast expanse of the virtual world, where distance and borders blur, lies the Simple Life Studio – an online mixing and mastering haven for country and rock artists. Led by the skilled audio engineer, Toby Schuetgens, this studio is not just another name in the digital soundscape. It is a powerful statement that celebrates the soulful connection between true emotions, traditional values, and music.

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Audio Engineer Toby Schuetgens
Bridging the Twang and Rebellion

In the small town where Toby Schuetgens was born, two seemingly contrasting worlds collided in his heart: the raw energy of punk rock and the heartfelt storytelling of country music. As he embraced his passion for both genres, Toby embarked on a remarkable journey—fusing the power of rebellion with the soulful twang of heartfelt tales. But little did he know that this convergence would lead him to a crossroads, where he would become an audio engineer poised to capture the essence of these extraordinary musical realms. The story of Toby Schuetgens, the man who dared to blend country and punk, awaits, and with it, the revelation of how his unique talent will forever transform the music industry.

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At Simple Life Studio I’m not just mixing or mastering your song, I prioritize your signature sound and evolve your style to produce something unique that you can be truly proud of.

Simple Life Studio specialized in mixing and mastering country rock punk

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Here are some Samples of Songs I was involved in:

What others think about my work:

Some Audience Feedback

“There’s a lot of heart and soul in the organic country-rock performances.”
“A country and warm blend of retro fitted rock and bluesy soulful productions.”
“Love the twang of the vocals and the slide guitar as well. “

Some Clients Feedback

“Hey Toby thanks for the masters. I really appreciate the work you did.”
“Hi Toby. listened to the track, sounds absolutely awesome, thank you! … On the whole I love the sound of it.”


The Nash News – May 22: “…The song definitely is a fresh take. It leans into the rock inspired country that many would find familiar sounding, all while branching out into something they haven’t heard before.”

Crowd Reviews

“Feel Free” – Toby Schuetgens

Listeners rated the production quality of your song a 8.4 out of 10 on average, which ranks in the 100th percentile of all songs analyzed by Crowd Review. The sound quality most listeners associated with the song was Soft. Your song did make listeners want to dance, and listeners who heard your song on Headphones (High Quality) rated the song quality of your song highly. Based on questions related to radio, the production on this song is higher quality than most songs on the radio.

“Echoes of yesterday” – Rebel Resurgence

Based on the results of this report, your song is somewhat likely to be commercially successful. Reviewers were somewhat likely to purchase this song for ownership, somewhat likely to stream this song on an on-demand streaming service, and did think this song could be a hit.

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