Artists we have worked with

Here you can find some of the artists, simple life studio has worked with so far.

Rebel Resurgence

skatepunk / pop punk

Rebel Resurgence is a brand new skatepunk / pop punk band just producing their debut single. There is something really cool coming soon, it definitely will be some kind of 90’s punk revival. Stay tuned!!!

coming soon

Toby Schuetgens

independent country rock

Toby is an independent / DIY artist who is mainly into modern country rock music. When you like some kind of twangy vocals and guitar tones but also some more likely classic rock / southern rock tunes, you might absolutely love Toby’s music. Storytelling lyrics combined with not too ironed smooth productions, that are a little more gritty and sometimes even dirty. But there are also some “just feel good” tracks between his past releases that make you want to move your feet.

check out his website

Drop Disco

from ‘heavy and funky’ to ‘melancholy and melodic’

Drop Disco is an Eclectic band of Life long friends from Norfolk County. Their music draws from a vast collective of musical tastes and influences, so varied that it is hard to put into words. Their music can range from ‘heavy and funky’ to ‘melancholy and melodic’ and all points in between. This makes for a really nice ‘grit and gloss’ contrast with Nicki’s angelic voice as it soars over the music. The band is currently working on recording their debut studio album due out soon, but can be currently heard on Spotify.

check out their facebook page

Garrett Hendricks

Northwest Americana

Garrett describes his music as Northwest Americana, a genre that paints the roots and soul of classic country and other American music styles across the vivid landscapes and waterways between the Cascade and Olympic mountains of Washington state where he was born and raised. It’s the kind of music one could expect to find played around a campfire in the backwoods.

With intrinsic influence coming from the land he grew up in, Garrett set out across the country to ply and develop his trade in Nashville, TN. There he studies his musical heroes like Johnny Cash and John Prine, who helped make Nashville the songwriting presence it is, in order to cut his own section of trail in the American songscape.

check out his website

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