Guitars sound too muffled and boxy

Rock production, especially the rhythm guitars sound too muffled and boxy. They are lacking of presence.

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What is an independent or indie artist?

An independent or indie artist is an artist who publish his music on his own. An independent artist is so to say self-employed, an entrepreneur, in the music business who is doing, next to the whole music thing, the management and the marketing for example. Modern music industry These days it is as easy to …

Human Mastering vs. AI Mastering

Introducing the Artistry of Human Mastering: Elevating Music to New Heights In an era defined by technological advancements, the power of AI has undeniably made its mark across various domains. However, when it comes to the nuanced craft of music mastering, human expertise remains unparalleled. Here’s why: 1. Aesthetic Sensibility: Mastering music is not solely …