Audio Engineer Toby Schuetgens

Toby Schuetgens is a musician through and through. He started to play guitar at the age of six and writes his own songs since he was at the age of 14. He was sometimes more intense and sometimes less into producing music, because he also dedicated his life to increase the life quality of horses as being a western horse trainer and farrier.

But during the corona pandemic he found out how easy it is nowadays to publish his own music to streaming plattforms such and spotify and co. And from that day on he was completely on fire. He pulled up all his old songs, build his own homestudio and started to record all his songs in just a couple weeks. Not happy with the overall sound quality he invested a lot of time and money in becoming a professional audio engineer and the deeper he dived into the more he wanted to produce for other musicians as well.

And here we are today.

Because of training western horses is Toby’s first passion it’s not a wonder that country music at all of its kinds is Toby’s favorite genre. There has been that special moment when he was an intern on a ranch and drove back home in that huge chevy truck with his former boss from visiting the colts one evening and “the thunder rolls” by Garth Brooks came up on the radio. From that day on Toby was completely hooked up on country (rock) music.

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